October, 2009

Yup, that’s my costume

October 30, 2009 Rhonda Schrock disobedienceHalloweenparenting

It’s fall break and the kids are home. Which means that as of yesterday, I have my Halloween costume should I decide to go trick-or-treating. That would be a witch. On a broom. With a hairy wart and an ugly mole. Oy vey! Not a good day for us here on that front with 200 […]


Happy birthday to the column

October 28, 2009 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

The printing of this week’s column marks the completion of YEAR NUMBER TWO! This means that 103 columns have been published, having missed only 1 week in the last 2 years when we were on vacation this summer in Branson, Missouri. Un-be-lievable, how the time has flown. If anyone had asked me earlier in my […]


It takes a MOB to bring the Games to town

October 26, 2009 Rhonda Schrock 10/26/09 Goshen News column

Note: This column appears in the 10/26/09 edition of the Goshen News. Okay. I admit it. I’m an Olympics junkie. It’s my thing. Part of it is the patriotism I feel when I see our athletes in competition. Part of it is the sheer joy of watching people who are in the best in the […]


Quote of the day

October 26, 2009 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

Over the weekend, two of the boys got birthday cards in the mail. The 16 year old’s card had 20 bucks in it while the 11 year old’s card came with 10 bucks. Never one to miss an opportunity to raise cain, Sixteen Candles said something to his younger brother like, “Whoo-hoo, looky here, I’ve […]


Inspiration for today

October 23, 2009 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

Coming home from the Main Street Coffee House this morning, I caught the last part of Focus’ broadcast today. Called “When A Dream Dies,” Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales, speaks to a group of pastors. After experiencing phenomenal success with VT and Big Idea, it all crashed and the company went bankrupt. Here’s part […]


Hilarious clip

October 23, 2009 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

After reading the post about that air-freshener-thing-a-ma-jig, my friend Marylou sent me a link to a Focus on the Family blog. It’s written by Jim Daly who himself has three boys. For some odd reason, his story reminded her of our household. Click here to read it. Be sure to listen to the actual phone […]


Facebook thread

October 22, 2009 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

This one got absolutely hilarious! Boy, I really opened a can of worms, hammered a hot button, and all the other cliches you can think of when I posted this status: Rhonda Schrock thinks it stinks to ruin gourmet coffee with milk ’cause the teenager guzzled the half-and-half. A pox on him!September 10 at 3:09pm […]


Snippet of the day

October 21, 2009 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

As Mr. Schrock and I were watching a commercial for a new product, a motion-activated scent releaser something-something from Airwick (supposed to release a squirt into the air whenever it detects motion): Me: “That would just be a continuous spray here at our house.” Mr. Schrock: “It would be gone in a week.” Both of […]


Spiritual heart disease requires a transplant

October 19, 2009 Rhonda Schrock 10/19/09 Goshen News column

Note: This column appears in the 10/19/09 edition of the Goshen News. It’s the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. In 2005 alone, 652,091 Americans died of it. For thousands of others who carry the diagnosis, it may not prove fatal, but it can seriously affect their quality […]


That does it! They need more work

October 19, 2009 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

Those guys…I think they just shot themselves in the foot. The other day I was showering away, went to squeeze some shampoo out, and – nothing. Nothing! It just flat wouldn’t come out. So, thinking there must be something plugging it up, I unscrewed the cap to check, and lo and behold, there was a […]


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