July, 2013

How courage and honor can look (how unlikely)

July 31, 2013 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

Oddly enough, it was an old man who did it. Who left the impression, taught the lesson and inspired this writer. It came last week while we vacationed in Branson, and I knew it for what it was–a divine appointment. It happened, actually, in a darkened theater. Filing down front, Little marching first, we hook […]



Power outage makes for decaffeinated, grumpy mother

July 30, 2013 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

Here it is, the Grounds for Insanity piece that ran last week, 07/22/13, in The Goshen News. The Lively One, who was off playing in the mountains with her family, is back and happy as a clam. Happy, not Grumpy. Enjoy… It happened, of all crazy things, two nights in a row. A storm blew […]



How to walk in peace (en-trust it)

July 29, 2013 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

Sitting in my spot, the place I meet with Him, I’m quiet. Still. The coffee, it’s warm, tucked in at my right side. And me? I’m listening. I’m listening, and I’m laughing. Out loud. Soaking in the quiet, I’m reliving the week we just spent together on our family vacation. Remembering the craziness of these […]



Keep doing that “thing”

July 18, 2013 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

By a bountiful table filled with desserts, it comes. She looks me in the eye, this silver-haired missionary, and says two words:  “Keep writing.” Keep writing. It echoes, this charge, in my mind. Keep on writing… For those who write, putting pen to paper, baring hearts right open, “Keep writing,” says volumes. Says, “Keep going.” […]



In the circle of life, parents find vindication

July 16, 2013 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

Note:  This Grounds for Insanity column was published in the 07/15/13 edition of The Goshen News.  Maybe it’s the upcoming birthday that’s got me thinking. Actually, it’s not so much the fact that I’m having one as it is the number that’s attached. Some folks would say it’s no coincidence that this nut was shaken […]



Strength for the “here,” hope for the hereafter–in Christ

July 9, 2013 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

Note: This Grounds for Insanity column was published in the 07/08/13 edition of The Goshen News. It was a story followed by many. A family of six; two parents, four boys. The first three born healthy, wrestling and chasing and cuffing each other in that way that boys have (the way that spells love). And […]



Marriage is like the Tour de France

July 8, 2013 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

It’s back. The Tour de France, which inspired this Grounds for Insanity piece, has begun. Which means that we’ll be riveted (again), breathless (that, too) and yup, we’ll keep pedaling. Who would’ve thought a race like that could be so fascinating? In a household where the sports channel (whispering here) isn’t king, it’s surprising that […]



Children of “privilege” not born with silver spoons

July 2, 2013 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

Note:  This Grounds for Insanity column was published on 07/01/13 in The Goshen News. Pretty sure Viking moms used this trick. Oh, yes. And Rose Kennedy, too. With summer in full swing and the kids underfoot, we’re running more than a shortage on food. We’ve got a quiet deficit and a noise overload. What happened […]



When Father’s front and center

July 1, 2013 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

 A little child shall lead them…straight to the truth. How I love the message in this piece from the archives. Thankful today for my own small child who leads and for my Heavenly Father who is “for sure and for certain,” front and center. Sitting at the table yesterday, hands wrapped around mugs of creamy […]



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