April, 2016

In corridors of hell, His heart’s desire (they’re waiting)

April 25, 2016 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

“And the Lord said, ‘Simon, Simon. Satan has demanded permission to sift (all of you) like grain (Luke 22:31, AMP).’” On the eve of adventure; mere hours from departure, I can feel it. It’s been a brutal season of trial; of testing; of onslaught and blackness, and the physical ache in my bones tells the […]



Dear boys, It ain’t just the stayin’ that counts

April 19, 2016 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

Dear boys, The other night we were sittin’ in the twilight, enjoying the first campfire of the season. We’d just biked six miles, gliding along in evening’s sun. Then Dad set fire to wood, and we grilled meat in the country air. Somehow, our conversation turned to marriage and how very many folks we know […]



From Africa, with love

April 18, 2016 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

One, two, three, four, five. At the front of the room, five teenagers sit, waiting for their chance to speak. For 10 days, the 18 were in Kenya, land of deserts and lions and–babies. And then, she says that one number… It’s Sunday morning. It’s Sunday School hour, and we’re listening to the reports. One […]



“Dear Dad, One day we’ll gather”

April 15, 2016 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

On a rain-lashed night, we sit, Mister and I, in a motel room, talking. They’re down here for meetings, our Canadian friends, and we are, at long last, catching up. Then the phone call that altered the landscape, a hurried trip up the bypass and the text that came through while en route: “He is […]



My feet are on-mission, and I’m sent

April 11, 2016 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

Sitting there in Sunday service, he’s talkin’ feet. And just like that, there they come. Faces and stories and names… He’s been preachin’ on the Gospel, Pastor has, and last week’s word was, “The Gospel works.” Right here in our mess, in our world, in our hurts, the Gospel (“good news”), it works. Yes, amen. […]



What I Want My Boys to Know

April 8, 2016 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

Releasing a fledgling from the nest is a time for introspection.  It’s a strange crossroads, watching a child transition into adulthood.  Before you lies their future.  Behind you are the 18 or 20 short years that you had to prepare them for it. The questions that gnaw at you in that place are big and […]



“What we can see is not all there is”

April 5, 2016 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

This. This here is the place where it happened… “For my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:19).” That’s the verse we were studying in class that day. At the teacher’s direction, we were discussing how we meet each other’s financial, physical and emotional needs. […]



Arrows beloved in the hands of the Archer

April 1, 2016 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

It had been planned, now, for months. First came an interview, then the letter (“you’ve been accepted”), then training and fundraising and more preparation. And then, all at once, the day arrived… On the last day of March as winds blustered and blew, they prayed. Father and son, heads bent, arms encircled, and the father […]



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