January, 2018

For a higher FSI, up your CSI (a little bit of help from The Curly One)

January 11, 2018 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

“I’m a straight-haired girl trapped in a curlyhead’s body.” That’s what I said to The Mister the other day. Blast if that guy can’t put a roll-of-the-eyes note in a world-class humph. After showing me the whites of his eyes for a solid count of 10, he snapped back, “You’re a curlyheaded girl trapped in […]



Why I have no competition (and you don’t have to, either)

January 10, 2018 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

“You are never competing.” That’s what he said just this morningĀ to Curled-Up GirlĀ on the couch in her jammies. And with that, he pointed *Big Red toward the office, and he was gone. “He” is my handsome, bald-headed husband. The Curled-Up Girl? That’s me. Thirty years into this marriage adventure, I am amazed at where we’re […]



About loneliness, sowing and holy discontent

January 2, 2018 Rhonda Schrock Rhonda's Posts

A quick word at the new year’s beginning for someone who’s readin’ this and feels lonely… One day when I was out runnin’ my three, I was thinkin’ on some folks close to me that’ve been just hammered with loneliness. “Why,” I remember sayin’ to Papa that day, “if you’ve given humans these needs, then […]



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