“I had tears running down my cheeks by the time I got to the end of yesterday’s column. You definitely have a way with words.”


“From an Erma Bombeck fan….I like you even better!! Thank-you for sharing your intelligent wit with those of us who think like you do, but can’t quite write like you do!”


“Mrs. Schrock, I just want to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy your Monday articles in the Goshen News. I have read a lot of articles by guest columnists over the years and I must say your articles are the most enjoyable I have read in a long, long time. It brings back a lot memories of bringing up our three kids, two girls and a boy. Keep up the outstanding and humorous articles. I have something to look forward to each Monday evening after an always busy Monday at work. Still laughing about the honking horn threats…”


“Thank you for your contribution to the Goshen News. I love your column and the laughter it brings is a welcome relief to the end of long days. I believe you are very talented. I look forward to many future columns.”


“Rhonda, just wanted to let you know that I just loved the Death by Pantyhose article. I was laughing so hard I had to stop several times to get the tears out of my eyes so I could see again to finish reading…Thanks for making my day with your writing.”


“Thanks for sending me the info on your column. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I laughed and cried with you – literally the tears were flowing (still are).”


“You’re the ‘new Erma Bombeck’ for me! Keep up the good work, showing the humor in everyday family life.”


“Rhonda, you hooked me with your first two paragraphs. Who says Kansas isn’t the stuff of poetry! The rest of the column lived up to the promise of the first paragraphs. Evocative, provocative: delightful! As a fellow Hutch News columnist, I’d like to see you join our ranks as a ‘regular.’”


“I have truly enjoyed reading Rhonda’s columns. Her positive outlook and inspiration would be an asset to the Hutchinson News.”


“This is one of those times the Spirit spoke through your pen, my dear. And I thank you for saying ‘yes’ to God’s call to write, for we are better people because of you.”


“I’m a big fan of Rhonda’s column, too. We have never met, but I’ve always felt her column describes life in our house, too.”


“I just finished listening to your interview, Rhonda. You are such a natural. I’m so excited for you. You have such a wonderful gift!”


“Rhonda, you vividly captured the variety of feelings that accompany taking a child to college very well in your article!”


Hi Rhonda. Just wanted to let you know I look forward to your column each week! Thanks for helping us look with new eyes on life’s everyday extraordinariness. Keep up the good work! Smiles


“Your articles always bring a smile or tears…this one brought tears. It is so touching.”


“You have certainly done a stellar job for us and have built a solid readership in the process. I don’t always have enough time to give credit where credit is due, but please know that your contributions to The Goshen News are very much appreciated. You are a very good writer who knows how to engage readers. I know how difficult that can be on a weekly basis. So … thank you for sharing your talents with us and for routinely making your deadlines, which makes an editor very happy. Great work.”


“The response to Rhonda’s column from readers has been universally positive and enthusiastic. We have a number of other local columnists and none of them generate the number of spontaneous e-mails and letters (all positive) that her column does. She has a wry and light-hearted sense of humor and a sharp ear for dialog. Her subject matter ranges from family stories to sensible commentary on current events and politics to her strong Christian faith.”