60 Days of Beauty

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The exciting thing about this is that he’s issued the call to all of his bloggers and Facebook friends, which means that alot of NMC’ers (Nappanee Missionary Church family) will be taking this walk together.

Yes, I’m already on the Thousand Gifts journey.  Yes, it’s very similar.  Yes, the goal of both is to change our focus and to “be transformed by the renewing of our minds.”  I’m excited, however, to embark on this trip with fellow church members. 

You’re welcome to join, NMCer or not.  If you want to walk quietly in solitude, you can do that.  If, however, you’d like to link up with Derry and the rest of us, you can contact him on his blog (link above).

As I hop in on this, the official second day, I confess my heart attitude is anything but beautiful.  I’m needing those ‘grateful eyes,’ the vision that sees through Satan’s lies and my own willfulness to the beauty of the Child Who Came.

Let’s journey together, shall we, giving thanks and looking for beauty?

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