A miracle for Brady

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He was born, the child was, at 24 weeks’ gestation. Just a handful, really; a mere feather on the scales. One pound, 8 ounces it read when they laid him upon it.

His father? Well, he wasn’t around. Disavowing his paternity, he’d long since disappeared. Having sought his pleasure, he did what a real man would never do–rejected flesh and blood, leaving the woman like so much refuse along a sidewalk.

His mother, though mentally slow, came to see him. For awhile. Then, for reasons that can never be understood by a woman with a true maternal heart, his mother abandoned him, too. She simply.quit.coming.

“Day after day, week after week, this tiny scrap of humanity struggled to survive. Alone and forsaken, he lay in his bassinette with no earthly parents to speak his name or touch his cheek or whisper a prayer.”

Then God, Who’d never abandoned him, not once, not at all, stepped in, sending some of His very own to gather that baby up. To rock him every day when no family would come. To doctor him and love him and tend to his needs.

And then He did something else. He sent him a family. He gave him a mama and a daddy and–oh, yea!–a big sister. Who said “yes” when He said, “Will you?” and they took that infant in.

That was several years ago. Today, that little boy is three. I’m thrilled to introduce you to Brady Cole, my nephew; to his daddy (who’s my brother), Terry; his mama, Natalie; and his two sisters, Ashlyn and Halli.


Here’s the proof (in last year’s Christmas photo) that God really does “set the solitary in families.” For Ashlyn and Brady are both adopted, brought to their parents by acts of grace.  Then God said, “Yes!” and He sent little Halli, a big miracle in a darling package, as a sweet exclamation point.

Our Christmas miracle this year? We kinda think it’s this, captured on Mama’s cell phone…


Yes, Brady’s walking! The once-abandoned baby, come too soon and with physical challenges, is walking.  Walking, I’d like to think, straight to Jesus, Healer and Shepherd of the lambs.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and goodwill to all. Merry Christmas!

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