A white, Christian girl (almost) walks into a drag show

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I almost ended my 55th trip around the sun by going to a drag show. Of all the places I’ve been (Chiang Mai, for example) and the people I’ve seen and kissed and hugged (sweet, beautiful workers of the night), this is one thing I haven’t done. I got thiiiis close, though. And all across middle America, collective heads are exploding.

Vacationing with friends on a sun-kissed beach, and there it came. “Wanna come along? We’re going tonight.”

Now, this white, grain-fed girl is not into the bar scene. And I sure as shootin’ ain’t a fan of those shows, but this time, in that place, I felt a check. And I thought, “Know what? Maybe we should.” We decided not to, after a long day in the sun, but the whole thing got me thinking.

Why are Christians so scared to go where the people are? Why do they (we) just *swipe left* on entire groups, refusing to engage them? And then this big one–if one of my sons was in that world, how much would I long for other loving Christians to cross his path?

I know by now that I can go nearly anywhere in the world and mingle with sinners without “catching what they have.” I know that if I had gone to see the drag queens that night, there would have been one–one!–who would have caught my eye and my heart. I probably would have spoken to him and, if not, I surely would have spoken to God on his behalf. I know that my “one” would have been someone else’s precious kid.

A soul I will never find in the pews at my church. A human I would find in that bar.

Maybe, as I begin trip 56 around the sun, that will be my goal, to look for someone else’s kid in this unlikely place.

Salt and light! Light and love.


  1. Keep on caring for the souls out there. You have such a lovely way of reaching out. God bless

  2. Excellent thoughts and so well written! Blessings as you journey along through writing that causes people to stop, think and ponder what’s really happening in our world today! Keep being a voice of salt and light, light and love my friend. 💓🤗💓

  3. Whenever I see an addict, or a lost homeless person , I think how that was someone’s baby boy or girl. That may be someone’s brother, or sister. I think we could do better in this beautiful country.

    1. That’s exactly right. They are someone else’s kid. Having had a son who was homeless and lost has greatly expanded my heart and compassion for other people’s children.

    2. My husband and I do the same thing! I always imagine that person in front of me as a newborn baby being handed to his/her mother. And I say a prayer for them.

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