And the citizens are speaking

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A former babysitter of mine originally from Kansas (she lived right up the road from us, but now lives in Shipshewana) emailed me saying she felt I should run as then she could say that she babysat the president once upon a time. She also wanted a copy of the initial campaign article as she had a couple of sister-in-laws that she wanted to share it with who, she felt, may also want to vy for the position.

It’s good to know who the competition is.

Another vote from a perfect stranger came in by email as I was freezing trackside up in Syracuse, and one came in by phone just this morning. So it’s getting exciting out on the campaign trail!

I suppose my candidacy would greatly benefit from town hall-type meetings, which, of course, I would hold in each and every coffee shop in the area. All in the name of the campaign, of course. They don’t have to know that I’m really doing secret comparison tasting on the mochas. Har de har har.

The Would-be White House Occupant

P.S. – Holly, as donations have not yet caught up with the interest, I am reduced to making homemade signs with Crayolas, saying, “Vote for the mother with the real experience!” It’s slow going. Will send when done.

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