At His mercy–the best place to be in unsettling times

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“We are at the mercy of God, aren’t we?”

It came in a recent conversation with a son. It had been ‘a week’ for both of us, and he had just asked Mother and Father for prayer.

Frustration. Disappointment. Sudden disruptions in plans. North and south, we were feelin’ it. Things we hadn’t seen coming, hadn’t planned for…the uncertainty was jarring and unpleasant.

“We’re at the mercy of God.”

Leaning over a dining-room table, my husband and I pieced together a puzzle as we spoke to our faraway son. Then it hit me. “Actually,” I told him (and I was saying it to myself as well), “that’s the best place to be. Even though we didn’t see (this stuff) coming and it’s unsettling, I still have full faith that God has a plan and He’s working it. So, yes, we are at His mercy, but what a spot to be in!”

I share this quick and simple message in the hope that others who find themselves rocked hard by Unexpected and Unsettling will be comforted. I know it’s jarring and unpleasant when plans go awry or s**t you hadn’t asked for rains down on your head, destroying your colorful umbrella. But! If you are in Christ, you have not been left to your own devices. You have a Friend, a Counselor, and a Guide.

You have the Perfect Parent who possesses all power, wisdom, and might, and He’s working. The One Who cares for the sparrow and tends the most transient flowers is full of mercy for you.

You can trust that mercy. I do, for He has never failed or forsaken. I can’t wait to see what He’s doing!

At His mercy,

Rhonda, the small, caffeinated American mom



  1. So needed to read this. 2023 has been a mess thus far…
    Would love to hear your thoughts someday on how to distinguish between a harebrained idea and God planting a seed of direction?
    I’m a very silent, sloppy and amateur pray-er at best, but adding you and your family to my list.
    Wishing you all the best!

    1. God has a huge soft spot for pray-ers just like you. In fact, He’s made it very easy. “Faith the size of a mustard seed,” He said, “will move mountains.”

      Thank you so much, Sue. And I will pray for you as you come to my mind!

      (That discernment can be a challenge, but God really does want us to know what He’s up to.)

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