Calling all girls (and those who love them)

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If you are a girl, have a girl, married a girl, work with a girl, or know a girl – at all, of any kind – I need your help.  In preparation for an upcoming column, I would like to pick your brain.  Even though I’m not raising girls, I am one, I was born to one, and the siblings have nine that I care deeply about.

If you could answer a few questions for me, I’d be so grateful.  Rest assured that your name will not be published.  I simply want to get a feel for what girls are going through right now and what they’re facing.  Here goes:

1.  What are the top three issues you’re concerned about that are affecting girls today?
2.  What is different about raising girls (or being one) now than when you were growing up?
3.  What are you doing, if you have a girl or are married to one, to help her to be healthy and confident in her womanhood?

I never know, until it’s written, just how a column will turn out, but I want to have plenty of information going into it.  Hearing from you would help me greatly. 

Thank you so very much in advance for your input.  Know that I appreciate it deeply.


The Girl Who Writes

P. S. – If you are more comfortable replying in an anonymous fashion, you are welcome to message me on Facebook or to choose the “anonymous” option on the comment form here on the blog and leave your message unsigned.  Bless you.

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