Dear Needy One, Rejoice ’cause you’ve got room

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Slipping in this quick and quiet word as we’re headin’ into the weekend. ‘Cause someone is feelin’ their need…

Dear needy one,

I thought of you ’cause it came to me first in my own place of weakness and needing. It ran straight opposite of what we want, we who seek to be strong, self-sufficient.

‘As you rejoice in your weakness, you open yourself to My power (Jesus Calling).’

Now, I’ve gotta confess that rejoicing in weakness is not what I do. I’m confessin’ that I find it discouraging. Feels like failin’.

But it did do this here…it got me to thinkin’, and this is the nugget that came, then. Instead of deploring my weakness and floggin’ myself, what if I truly should be rejoicin’? Because what if the needin’, the lack of great strength leaves room for Friend Jesus and His workin’?

All the day long, I’ve been thinkin’ it over. What if neediness should make us rejoice because it opens up big rooms for the fillin’? With Him?

And what if the strong ones, they should be a-pleadin’ to be weak in their own might and power? For the strong with no need have no room. Room for Him.

For the one with a prodigal, you’ve got need. For the one who’s been abandoned, there’s a need.

For the one who’s been ill, body battered, soul sick, you’re in need. For the lonely, the tired, the poor. So much need.

For the oppressed and the stricken, still waitin’ on justice. For those plundered and stripped to the bone, you’re in need.

And so you have room! There’s room in your heart, in your body and mind. There’s room in your soul, then, for Jesus. You are blessed.

How this works, then, is every time it slips in, the loneliness or bitterness. The fear, the anxiety, the worry, or doubt, just say, ‘Thanks.’ Yup. You say, ‘Thanks.’

Yes, you can. Because right here in this place where you’re over your head, you’ve got Him, and He’s over it all!

It’s under His feet, and He’s present. Which means He’s workin’. ‘Cause you’re needin’.

It’s the needy who’ve got room for Jesus and His lovin’. The strong with no need have no room.

He told me once that He’s always lookin’ to heal, to save. That Jesus, He goes about touchin’ folks…with His hands! 

It’s the needy ones, needin’ His touch. And so we’re blessed.

Warmly, then, and sharing in hope,


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