“Enough” to live by

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Old year, chapter written. New year, fresh, untouched.

“All is well.” I remember the words He’d whispered at the cusp of another new year.  “All is well.” No matter what was happening (or wasn’t). No matter what I had (or didn’t). No matter what may have threatened or blustered, I was in Him, He was in me, and all was well.

“I AM enough.” New year. Three words. Same girl.

Same girl, and yet different. As I write, my thoughts skip back over the last 12 months. Who could have foreseen how the journey would look? How the path would wind? What danger and difficulty would come?

Who knew how my faith would be tested? How fire and flood, they’d rise? What evils would menace, and what hidden sin and sickness would come to light? Who could know?

Oh, One knew. Knew it all. Knew what within me lay. Knew, too, the remedy for each, for every disease. He–I AM–knew, and He was faithful.

If I could sit with you in the light of the tree shining hope, I’d grind up fresh beans and brew you a cup of the best, best coffee in the world. And I’d tell you a story.

A story of healing and darkness and danger. A story of breakthroughs, strongholds broken and joy. A story of revelations. Of miracles. Of happenings. I’d tell you, my friend, if I could.

I’d tell you, too, how in all of the testing and pain of the year, there was excitement as well. Who knew (really, who knew?)when the calendar turned, just what the year would hold–of good? Who could’ve predicted a friendship, a magazine? A brand-new stage for a curly-headed writer? Who would’ve guessed Italy and Kenya and Ireland and Scotland? Or 46 states and other countries besides?

Then interviews by radio and acquiring an agent. More writing opportunities, and the hint of things to come, things so big that a working-from-home mama who’s raising up boys can scarcely get her head around ’em. Who’s got that much imagination?

I open Living Water, Bread of Life, and I read: “Now unto him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh within us.”

“I AM enough.” In all that awaits me this year, He’s enough. In the flood and the fire, enough. In the circumstances of today–what I have and what I don’t–He’s enough. As I await deliverance, hoping yet to see promises fulfilled, I know this, that right here in the now, He’s enough.

And you, my friend? Your word(s) for the brand-new year?

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