Evil, yes, but God is greater

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In the last few days, I have spoken about the evil that stalks the land. To the spiritually attuned, it will be felt, known, and named. (Yes, this evil has a name.) Overall, though, there is no mistaking the hatred in the atmosphere, for it manifests itself in the national conversation. It is felt by everyone, whether or not they know its source.

This week, I left a comment on a post written by a conservative politician. I merely stated my thoughts, no attacks, no names, simply encouragement for him and my opinion on the matter. It was as though I’d hit the release valve on a sewage tanker. One lady even wished COVID on my family and on me.

(On a side note, be very, very careful what you wish on someone else. It is actually the placing of a curse. Thankfully, I knew what to do with that, and I did it; I’m not afraid. Still, it’s a serious thing. Our words, they matter.)

Anyway. This morning, I carried my black, leather-bound Bible out to the *BOS. It opened to Isaiah 40. The ancient words spoke directly to my spirit in that vital way that restores balance and life, and I knew what God wanted us to know. Which is this.

While we cannot be blind and ignorant to the evil that threatens, we must be careful and wise. Whatever we focus on enlarges; it gets bigger. Too much time spent looking at the dark, and the light seems small and far away. Then comes the disorientation and the fear, and our legs give way beneath us. The ground shakes.

It does not have to be this way. Not when we know God, and Isaiah lists the reasons.

This very God, breathtaking in majesty, immense in scope and understanding, yet still, He bends low. This God tends His flock (that’s us) as a shepherd, and carries us close to His heart. Gently–ah, so very gently–He leads those who have young.

If you are quailing in fear today, stand up! Stop complaining that God doesn’t see, doesn’t hear, and isn’t paying attention. He has promised to give strength to the weary, power to the weak, and renewal to those who wait upon Him.

Want to run and not be weary? Want to walk and not faint? Would you like to soar the heights like an eagle with strong wings? Rest your entire weight upon Him, rest in hope, and He will do it.

Though the evil is great, He is greater. And we are His.

Submitted in courage and hope,

Rhonda, the tiny, caffeinated American mo
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