Feet for the path I’m on

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In recounting the highlights and what impacted them, one phrase that Bob used repeatedly was “feet for the path that I’m on.”  The guide (their ‘rabbi’; they traveled as a tribe) led them through the desert one day so they could experience what the children of Israel did in their desert wanderings.

They climbed Mount Nebo and other mountains where Bible history occurred.  They waded into the Red Sea with its fast-moving, treacherous current, clinging to one another.  They pushed themselves to their physical and mental limits.  They experienced the Bible firsthand and on the ground in a way that was very real and precious. 

One thing their guide emphasized over and over those two weeks was that when you think the path is too hard and you need an easier one, what you should really pray for isfeet for the path you’re on. 

This phrase rings in my mind.  Like a beacon of light, it cuts through the fog of complaining and self-pity and discouragement that I’ve been walking in. 

Feet for the path I’m on.

If I believe that God assigns “my portion and my cup (Ps. 16:5)”, and that “He knows the way I take (Job 23:10)”, then I can rest, knowing that this is the right path for now, and that He will unfailingly give me feet for the path that I’m on.

And how about you, my friend?  How are your feet?

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