Fight for them (and don’t be afraid)

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They’re quite a troop, this lively trio, and each one of them’s got a story. This one? Adopted. Chosen by two, received with arms, hearts wide open. Then this one, a preemie, abandoned and left. Received, once more, hearts wide open. Last, this one, the third, their “gift unexpected.” And her middle name? Well, that one’s Grace.

One from here, one from there with the last looking like Mama, they’re a family, all blended and wriggling. Shaking my head, I laugh as I watch them, this batch of hot worms in my house.

It’s a gift, this I know, having them here. Two girlies and one little brother. There are curls, screams and giggles and painted-up nails, and Blondie’s got purple pajamas. Hers sport lots of whales while Sister’s have cupcakes, and they wear pinkish flip-flops that blink.

For a mama who’s done boys and nothing but that, it’s a joy, deep and keen and peculiar. To kiss all their faces, to push them on swings, to see Little Schrock play with his cousins…I’m grateful.

Then Sunday comes, and Pastor, he’s teaching, speaking to us about families. The Book, it’s open to Nehemiah, and we’re looking to see how he did it. “Fight for your sons and your daughters,” it says. And build that wall!

“Don’t give way to fear. Put your focus on Him.” That’s what Pastor tells us, and me, Miss Fearful, I’m nodding my head. I’m done being that. Plumb finished with that sin, and I’m looking to press into Him.

“Fight.” Sons. Daughters. Nieces. Nephews. Children in church, in our town, in our path. “Fight for them. And don’t be afraid.”

All of that’s rolling around in my mind, sinking straight into my heart. I see their faces, those three little folks; feel small bodies pressed up against mine. I think of my 4, of the other 18 who are part of the family tree.

“Fight for them. Don’t be afraid. Look at Him and keep building.” That’s what I’m thinking today.

We have a responsibility, you and I, whether or not we are parents, to fight for the next generation. To love ’em right up. To cover with prayer. To live godly lives out before them.

We can. We must. We will by His power, all together, building that wall.

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