For the stammerin’ unqualified, just follow

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In the middle of a busy workday, reports stacking up like planes over Atlanta, I feel compelled to stop. And to share a quick word, to break Bread of Life, to dispense daily manna that’s been placed in my basket. Like a young boy once did with five fish, with two loaves…

This word today is for the one who’s feeling average; who’s doggin’ it somewhere between ‘not-so-special’ and ‘clearly-lacking-and-unfit-for-the-job.’ Maybe you’re seein’ someone who’s over-the-top talented, gifted, shines like a star, and you’re holdin’ yourself up next to her, or to him. And you think, “I’m really just not that special.”

Here’s what I want you to know today: God isn’t limited by your limitations. He’s not. And He’s not daunted, overwhelmed, or wringing His hands over your spotty pedigree. So you’ve got some nuts on your family tree? Join the crowd. Us, too.

In fact, what comes to me today as I’m thinkin’ on being qualified is this; that God actually seems to prefer the average, ordinary, salt-of-the-earth type of folks who don’t have big resumes or titles or medals. He uses kids like a shepherd boy, last and least in his clan. He toppled a giant, became king.

Or like a hero who said, “But–but–but,” when the Almighty came asking, “You know that my clan is the least. And you know that I’m last even there!”

That young fella was Gideon. He kept saying ‘yes’ once he got past the stutters, and he followed God straight into the crazy. Broken pitchers, tiny army, shouting and lamps. It sure seems that’s no way to fight or to win. But he did and they did, and really, God did it. And He worked it all out using…the average. The unqualified. The least.

So here’s the deal. Go ahead and list out on a paper all the reasons why you’re not up to the job, why you don’t have the chops. And then take that pen and make an X. On that list.

If you can say ‘yes’ in obedience and follow, then you might be just the one that He’s tappin’. Say yes.

If you have a heart that just loves God and others, then you’re exactly the one that He’s tappin’. Keep lovin’.

You don’t have to have a college degree to be good at the stuff that matters, and that’s lovin’. And obeyin’ and trustin’.

God has a good plan for you, my friend. Stop comparin’ yourself to others. We’re on the same team, so pray blessing and keep walkin’.

And–you know, lovin’ and obeyin’ and trustin’. You can!

From one average, unqualified girl’s heart to yours,


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