For those on the edge of “Almost,” don’t delay

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In recent years as I’ve been out and about in the world, meeting folks, they’ve come home with me. And by that I mean there are many who have burrowed their way into my heart, and I cannot forget them.

I know their names.

Some of them are unabashedly irreligious. Some are prickly, owie, gun shy and God shy, for religion has worked them over. They’re running scared.

Some of them are so logic brained and data driven that the concept of faith is just hard. They want proof, statistics, pie charts and graphs, and I don’t have those papers to give them.

A few of them seem to waver on the edge, “Almost thou persuadest me.” And I hear the voice of an ancient king. “Almost. Almost.”

When they come to my mind, I’ve been praying this prayer to the Friend of All Sinners, “Do not let (insert name) die without You. Do not!” In so doing, I commit their souls into those kind, loving hands, and I just keep loving them.

What comes to me lately, though, is a deeper dimension to that request. God has promised that heaven is the reward, no matter how early or late in life a person comes. And while that brings consolation, my desire for all of these is expanding.

How wonderful to find heaven just before the finish line. How sad to have missed “heaven” down here. To have God just in time to die, but not in time to live!

The greatest consolation in the world to a curly-headed girl who lives on Planet Earth is to know the living God; to be known by the living God. In Him, I live, and move, and have my very being.

I have found the source of abundant Life. His name is Jesus, the Christ. Because He lives in me and I live in Him, I have a never-ending well of peace, joy, friendship, counsel, comfort, encouragement, acceptance, favor, delight, and hope.

I know I will never truly be left in the dark, for the Light of the World lives within me. That’s why it is no longer enough to pray this prayer, “God. Do not let (*__) die without You.”

Now, I must pray this prayer, “God. Do not let (*__) live without You!”

If you are one of those teetering on the edge of a cliff called Almost, hear me now. Do not live out the rest of your days without really living. Life Itself is calling you. His name is Jesus. Open the door and let Him in. The moment you give Him the “yes” is the moment your life truly begins.

You have nothing to lose. You have everything to gain. Don’t delay one more day.

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