God can still use your messin’-up kid

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I’m thinkin’ of mothers today. Like the mother of David, the shepherd boy. She raised a kid who ended up having sex with another man’s wife, then arranged her husband’s killing.

Rahab’s mother raised a prostitute.

Peter’s mom raised an impulsive hot head who chopped an ear off of a high priest, no less. And then denied the Lord Christ. Three times!

Jochebed, as I told you earlier, raised a murderer, too, who had a temper and stuttered, and Matthew’s mom had a tax-collecting son who stiffed other folks for money.

The point is that even though their kids messed up and did some big-time, bone-headed things, God still used ’em in big and mighty ways.

Because of them, giants fell. Lives were saved. Books of the Bible were written, and an entire nation was led out of Egypt. Crazy stuff, and impossible but for God Who was in their story.

Now. Do you really think that God can’t use your own messin’-up kid to do crazy, impossible things?

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