“He is enough”

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Indiana summer is here. After a brutal winter that kept us huddled indoors like so many houseplants, the sun has returned, and the corn.

If it’s possible for one’s whole body to be smiling, mine is. For I’m running again! In the morning light, Word sweet on my tongue, I’m caffeinated, laced up and running.

Over country roads, I run. Past greening fields with farms to the right and farms to the left, over the creek, up the rise and I turn.

It’s the halfway mark (I know, for I drove it), and we always, always turn here. At the mailbox, I look out. And up. The mist hangs low over woods, teasing corn rows. Heaven’s curtain, all gauzy, it hovers.

The Spirit, He’s hov’ring, too. And He speaks. “He is enough.”Father, wise, loving, is enough.

Oh. Yes. I remember this now. But life’s fog and its mist can obscure it. This one simple truth that the heart should well know, that always and ever, “He’s enough.”

I start the second half, running, now, toward the mist. The land, green and living, rolls before me.

“He is enough.”

Three words, sinking in, bringing focus ’round right. For all that perplexes, just–Him.

For relationship strains, He’s enough. I have Him, no matter who blows expectations.

For periods of suffering, He’s enough. I have Him. His grace is sufficient, sustaining.

For dry desert seasons, He’s enough. I have Him, and the desert shall blossom, rejoicing.

For all manner of loss, He’s enough. I have Him. His supply cannot be exhausted.

For…you. You, too. Father says He’s enough, that your need will never confound Him. You know what I’ll tell you (for He tells it to me): “Press in.”  Keep on pressing, and believe Him.

Yes, you can.

If you want to slip me a quiet, little note with what’s on your mind, you know I’ll be honored to pray. You can whisper it here, or email me privately at rschrockmt@yahoo.com. Sometimes, you need a bit of help with believing, and another’s prayers can help. 




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