Holy Ground(s)

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Across the street from my husband’s office in a small, small town stands the coffee shop, a community gathering place for friends and strangers alike.

Right there on the corner of the main square where semis rush past carrying goods, where Amish folks ride by on their bikes, where people hurry up and down the sidewalks doing business – there it is.

It’s quaint, that old building with brick walls inside and its high ceilings with pressed tin.  It whispers of another time, another era when the town was young and horse-drawn carriages passed by on streets of dirt.

With the coffee-scented air, the smiling baristas, and the chatter of warm conversation scattered throughout, it’s there that I create.

Three mornings a week, I arrive with my backpack tucked full of books and dreams.  And right by that plate glass window, we go to work, God and I.

Right now, it’s all dressed up for Christmas.  The music of the season hovers in the air.  The doors open and close with the ebb and flow of patrons, and people offer cheerful holiday greetings on their way through.

God alone knows how many ordained appointments I’ve had in that place.  Just this morning, it happened again – face after face after precious face, friends from all walks of life whose paths have crossed mine.  We chatted, we laughed, we shared our hearts in brief exchanges that lifted me up and warmed my soul and, I hope, theirs as well.

Where human lives intertwine, where hearts connect, where the love of Christ is shared – there, that’s holy ground.

Thanking God today for all the beauty He gives…

The picture above was taken just this morning.  I wanted you to see what I get to see as I’m working away.  Just beautiful!

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