How the small can slay giants

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He was in his pajamas, my own little boy was, and we had gotten the Bible story book. Starting at the beginning, going one at a time, we settled in, reached for adventure.

A battlefield, a kid and big men who were chicken. Shouted threats and an enemy taunting. A giant tall, an imminent danger, and Little stock-still in his seat. Beside Mama by the light of the lamp.

We read it through, the true story of David. He who began as a shepherd. Just obeying his dad and herding those sheep, shooting rocks, target practice with sling. We talked it over, how there’d been lions, and great bears. How his practice, well it had paid off.

Then came the giant, too big for their army, and big brothers shook, sweaty, in shoes. Giant thundered (he did), and grown men quailed. “We can’t go!” And they cowered in fear.

But one little boy with a stone and a sling and a really big, big, strong, tough God, he took down a giant. He killed him right dead, and the Lord’s side won victory that day.

All of this we discussed on the couch by the light, Little listening and Mama ‘splaining. “I kinda think,” this was Mama, “that God pushed that small stone and made it go faster. Made it hit hard on Goliath’s big head.”

Someone Small who’s all ears, he’s absorbing, devouring, and at this, he perked right straight up. “Like this?” he said, cupping one little hand and propelling an imaginary rock.

“Like that,” Mama said. “Just like that.”

Now, you. You and the great giant you’re facing. You’re feeling so small, standing there in the shadow, and the giant means grave, imminent danger. Means something impossible, a challenge too hard. And you, cowering there, you’re just–one.

Just one, but with God plus your one, you’re a powerful army. God’s mighty right hand’s on your side. He’ll take what you’ve got–take your sling and your rock–and He’ll make it take wing, give it flight.

God, plus your one, it’s really enough. Drop that fear, stand in faith, STAND AND FIGHT. With your one little rock and a big, big, tough God, you will do it. You’ll take down that giant.

Smiling today, anticipating your victory and mine. If I can pray for you and the giant you face, I’d be honored. You can slip me a little note here in the comments or via the contact form on my website. Take heart. Press in, and you’ll win. With love…

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