How to fight–and win

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Dropping in here on this, a firin-busy, just-comin’-off-a-dinner-party kind of a day. Before I went to bed last night, I popped in over on my Facebook account to encourage my friends who were troubled and to ask what Friend Jesus and I could join up and pray about. And I got a message.

It was from a very troubled mama who was frettin’ over a runner. She was feelin’ shaky and told me somethin’ that I sure do know; that being, how very, very hard it is to trust Jesus with a kid.

I found her message this morning. I’d scanned it, kept on a-whirlin’ as is my wont, and when I got a quiet minute, I took it to the Lord. And He reminded me of this…

Some years ago when we here were walkin’ through the hell of watchin’ a kid flat self-destruct, God did what He’s been so past-faithful to do, and He gave me a mentor. Well, more than one, actually, but this one in particular told me something that I never forgot. And now, all these months and years later, her words to me came back.

“Walking in peace is a form of warfare.”

Huh. Walking in peace is warfare? Even now, here in my freshly-painted, freshly-carpeted and rather wonderful new office, I am thinking on that nugget. “Walking in peace is warfare.” In my spirit, I know there is something hugely important and significant here, and I’m asking Him to unpack it. Here we go.

Want to give your runner the best chance of coming back? Then YOU be the one to fight from a position of peace. YOU be the one who is so stubborn, you refuse to bow the knee to fear and unbelief. YOU be the one who closes her ears to the “what if’s” and the “but maybe’s.” YOU be the one to rise up, to pump her fist in the air and to roar, “But God!”

“But God!” is in charge. “But God” is at work. “But God” has my runner. “But God” has me!

You can walk in peace. You can trust Him.

Yes. You can.

On His mind,


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