It’s nice to see your face

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I’m walking in to work. The wind is cold. The orange sun that rose past the barn this morning has not yet warmed the earth.

Passing the library, there she is. On the steps, a young Amish woman waits for the doors to open. Her bicycle stands at the bottom of the steps. I glance at her as I walk by. And then, the nudge.

I wheel around, take three steps back, and say to this stranger, “What is your name?”

“Jane,” she answers.

“I’m Rhonda. It’s just nice to see your face today.”

Like that, the morning sun is back. Its radiance shines upon her face, and everything about her is smiling. The blue eyes watching me are alight with life and joy.

“Thank you,” she says to my departing back. “Have a good day!”

Somehow, I believe that I will.


That’s how easy it is to “spread a little bit of love and kindness, never go along with hatred’s blindness. Take a little time to reach for joy and wear a happy face.” 🎶 🎵 If I can do it, anyone can.


Rhonda in the World

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