It’s okay to be un-finished, just come

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We never know what a year will hold, do we? In any given 12-month block that we call a calendar year, life can bring endings, beginnings, destruction, rebuilding, second chances, sudden loss, grand success, embarrassing failures, birth, death, new opportunities, old pain, and dreams we’re still waiting to see. In the flesh.

In a few hours, the ball will drop, the calendar will flip, and we’ll start it all again, this journey through.

“This journey through…”

Ain’t a-one of us standing here at the finish line that can check every box with “complete.” With “finished.” With “tied it all up, hit a grand slam. I’ve achieved. I’ve attained. I am finished.” Not a one. Aannnd, welcome to the human race.

We are all not-quite-finished, not-all-done. We are all on our way, all en route, every one. Needin’ help. Needin’ hope. Needin’ grace.

We have all been dry bones in a stark, desert valley. Sheep without a shepherd. Trees uprooted, split in half, lashed by storms. Different faces, different stories, different names. Same need.

Tomorrow, a new year begins. I can see it from where I sit even now. A great mass of humanity, every nation, every language, every creed, lining up at the start.

To the un-done, I say, “Come.” You don’t have to be done when He’s done it all. And it’s enough.

To the un-finished, I say, “Come.” You don’t have to be finished, for He’s promised to finish what He’s started in you. And that’s enough.

To the im-perfect, I say, “Come.” You don’t have to be perfect, for the Shepherd you’re trusting already is. And that is far more than enough.

Come with your dry bones, for there’s life. Come with your sorrow, for there’s comfort. Come with your disease, for there’s healing in His wings. There’s room at this start line for you. Let’s run together.

Happy New Year 2019 from my family to you!



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