Jesus smiled

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Just this morning, I received an email from an uncle in Kansas.  My cousin, Twila, has been suffering numerous physical challenges in recent months and years, having recently undergone surgery on her thumb.

Twila has lived with a mental disability all of her life.  She is a faithful letter writer, according to my mother, and in letters of hers that I’ve read in the past, I recall her encouraging us to live for Jesus and to stay the course.

What Twila faces now is much more difficult, even, than the thumb surgery.  She will be having a mastectomy soon due to some precancerous cells that the doctors found.

Here is what Uncle Willis wrote today:

“Just a brief note this morning.  Twila came upstairs this morning all smiles. She said last night Jesus came and sat on her bed and smiled at her and she smiled back.

“Sometimes God goes the second mile to assure us of His presence.”

This picture of the Gentle Shepherd just moves me to tears.  He deals so gently with the lambs of His flock, caring for us night and day.

Yes, we are safe in His hands.  We are guided.  We are fed.  We are loved.

There is no safer place than under His wings. Twila knows this to be true.



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