Let the stirring begin

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In the back and forth, the listening and praying, the seeking of counsel and signing of lines, during all of that came another small message slipped into an email. “Something’s come up. Can you host it for me?”

Life with Christ, I’m finding, isn’t predictable. It isn’t safe, in a manner of speaking, and it’s often flat wild. For those who are serious about pressing in; who want the ‘more,’ not content with the ‘less,’ these brave souls will find that the journey’s adventure, discomfort, surprising.

This great and wild God we love takes us on paths we couldn’t foresee, and He’ll lead us in ways we couldn’t have guessed. “Outside the box,” that’s Him, and the comfort zone’s gone.

I heard Beth Moore say once that God gives us callings that are too big for us to handle so that we’ll need Him to do ’em. And that He gives us vocations that stir up all of our insecurities so that He can scoop ’em out one spoonful at a time.

I know what she means.

The bottom line of the story is that this girl said ‘yes’ to the new; ‘yes’ to the stirring; ‘yes’ to the scooping. And found Him to be faithful (completely) and worthy of trust (absolutely).

Know this: you’ve got a calling, too, and your great and wild God refuses to let you stay comfortable. To be sufficient all alone. To stagnate in your insecurities. Not, that is, if you want the ‘more’ and aren’t content with the ‘less.’

Let the stirring commence. Let the scooping begin. You, like me, will find that He’s faithful (completely) and worthy of trust (absolutely). You, like me, will find joy.

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