Letters from a Friend: Why it’s safe to collapse

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The morning sun that shone on you today as you ran was Me. The clouds that had hovered for days, blocking the light, parted for just a bit at Father’s breath. The wind that cooled your face as you skimmed past barren fields was Spirit, whispering His presence, and Mine.

It was while you were talking with Father that I knew what it was that you needed to know. What you needed to hear, and I knew that your friends were needing it, too. For your friends are My friends also, see, and I love them as I love you.Fierce and tender.

The simple, wonderful, freeing truth is this: that it’s safe to collapse. 

My little sisters. My little brothers. I see you struggling to keep everything together (as though you could). See you laboring to make it all work (as though you can). I watch you working until you’re exhausted and spent, trying to control all the outcomes (which you can’t).

Like you say, Little Sister, it makes My eyes feel like leaking. And they do. Far more than anyone knows. For you, and for your dear friends.

Here’s what I’m writing to say. Here’s the thing that you need to pass on to your tired, struggling friends: that it’s safe to collapse BECAUSE you collapse in My arms.

It’s when you reach the end of the strength that’s your own. When your tools and techniques do not work. When you are done being self-sufficient and you’re ready (I mean desperate) to ask for My help, You will find me. You will, and so will your friends.

Do not let fear keep you from collapsing. You are afraid of the “falling apart.” Of the fracturing.

There’s no fear, shame, or blame in My game. None at all. In My arms, you’ll find all that is needed. Every single thing.

I’m the Healer. The Carpenter. The Great Friend. I will help you. I will strengthen, uphold, do the mending.

I will and I have for I AM.

With fondest affection,

The Friend

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