Lightened, no longer ashamed

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The barn’s throwing its shadow. Behind it, the sun does His bidding, rising silent from the east, just blocked by the peak of that barn.

For a moment, I listen to birds singing praise. Breathe the freshest of air. Sit in silence; in peace and in rest. And there, I murmur heart-thanks to my Father and Friend for calling me out and away.

For weeks now, I’ve abandoned routine. Abandoned the Usual and left it behind to seek what I’m needing outside.  After a season of hell (no, really; I mean it), Father’s prescribed Heaven, and He’s using the great, great outdoors.

His Word bound in leather is open on my lap, and I leaf through to Psalms 34. “They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed.” Glancing up, I see that the sun is advancing, pulling away from horizon.

“They looked unto him.” Unto Him.

I’m thinking of messes. Of problems and fears. All the uglies, the hurts and the doubts. For years, I’d focused too much on these things, and I knew how they’d eaten me alive.

The Shepherd Boy, he’s still speaking, and me? I’m eating it up. “They looked unto him.” I stop. These words, they’re thrumming with power. “They looked unto him and were lightened.”

Lightened. I look again at the grass, all vibrant and green. I see how the blades are a-sparkle.

“They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed.” Truth, hope and peace are coming alive, all witnessing now with my spirit. So much hope here, and rest.

All these problems, these issues. These fears and concerns. But the formula’s here in the text. It’s the looking, then lightening, and then this one more…no shame! Oh, I’m grateful! For with Him, I am free from all shame.

My heart’s singing “glory,” for I know this is true. For Jesus Christ, He is my focus. In looking at Him and not at my problems, He lightens my face with no shame.

My mouth’s giving praises, coffee warm in hands, for precious Jesus, my deliverer, and for God, my Father. How I love Him, giving thanks for His spirit who lightens and never brings shame.

I’m happy now, secure and at rest. The light, I see, has just crested the barn.  I’m looking up, head tilted toward Heaven. The sun’s shining full on my face. Lightened, it is, and no longer ashamed.

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