Message from He Who Runs

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This is what I found when I came through the laundry room last night just after The Mister got home from the office.

There’s a story here.

If you’re a column reader at all, you will know that Mister is an avid runner.  He’s serious about the sport.  He is.  Which means that you do not run in just any old thing; no old T-shirts or cut-off sweats, for instance.  You run in expensive, high-tech, scientifically-engineered clothing made by Those Who Know What They Are Doing.  And the word in these circles is “wicking.”

Fabric that’s been designed to wick away moisture is a special sort.  It requires a certain kind of care.  It should not, for instance, come in contact with fabric softener.  Ergo, it shouldn’t come in contact with Those Who Are Forgetful or Absentminded.  It shouldn’t.

After this happened a few times (well, okay, possibly more than a few, but who’s counting?), a sign went up.  It was hand-lettered, block style, in black ballpoint ink on a piece of stationary and hung haphazardly on the window of the dryer by a single piece of tape.

Until last night.  Now, it’s been replaced by a lovely printed message in two colors punctuated with CAPITAL LETTERS to convey the message bearer’s urgency.

Message received.  She Who is At Times Forgetful and Absentminded promises to be more vigilant so that all wicking properties will be retained for He Who Runs.


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