Mommy’s out, I’m in

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Oh, hi. You look like one of Mommy’s friends. She’s not around right now.  She said her brain is frazzled and she’s terribly busy, so she asked me to say ‘hi’ to you-all and pick the winners of her friend’s books.  Her name is something like Suz…Suzanne?  Mommy said she lives out in Cali – well, out west somewhere.  It’s a big, long name and I only have a little mouth.  But it’s real sunny there, wherever that nice lady is.

“I loooovvvee school.”  That’s what I told Mommy the other night when I was on the floor, pushing Lightning McQueen around.  She smiled at me, all happy like.  Mama sparkles when she’s happy, and it made her kinda sparkly when I said it.

Boy, am I pooped when I come home. That’s ’cause I’m busy making friends, going down the twisty slide, coloring papers and learning stuff.  Oh, and trying to obey.  The other day, I told Mama that my marker got moved from green to yellow.  I guess I was messin’ around.  Mama didn’t sparkle when I told her that.  Maybe ’cause it was only the second day of school, I don’t know.  But Daddy said it better stay on green or we’d have an issue.


This is how it feels to get in trouble. I don’t like it.  So the next morning while I was eating breakfast, I said, “Daddy, I will tell my teacher, ‘Teacher, I will not ignore you and I will stay on green and I will listen!’”  I think Mama heard me say it, ’cause her face was all funny like when she’s trying not to laugh, but she really, really wants to.

Anyway, I’m ‘posed to pick the winners.  What a nice surprise!  Libby from Libby’s Library, you’ve won a copy of Suzanne Woods Fisher’s new, new book, “The Haven.”  That’s what Mommy said to tell you.  And Marj Byers, you’ve won “The Keeper!”


Please email her with your MAILING ADDRESSES or send her a note on Facebook or fill out the email form on her website so she can tell that nice lady’s helpers where to send your books, okay?

Boy, this writing stuff is hard. I can’t wait to get back to school and go down the twisty slide, sing songs, and read books. Oh, yeah.  I promise I’ll try hard to stay on green.

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