“Mr. No Go” no more

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Here it is (drum roll, please):

After weeks of moaning (me) and failed attempts (him), Mr. No Go has finally gone potty!!Why, only this morning, I had launched another serious initiative, redoubling my efforts once again in this regard, but to no avail. I had actually decided that this was too stressful, that maybe he wasn’t ready, and that perhaps I should call a retreat when lo and behold, he tinkled!

When pressed by my husband, the father of Mr. No Go, I had to admit that it was societal pressures and my own comparisons to his contemporaries in the nursery (my fault) that were at the root of my stress and dis-stress. So just as I decide to quit playing that game, he goes!

Will this be an on-go-ing pattern (pun fully intended)? Will I be banging my head on my desk again in another week or two? We don’t know. But we’ll sure as shootin’ find out.

For now, though, we have a tinkle. Wahoo!

And we have a happy mama. Wahoo.

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