Not educated, but empowered

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Her daughter’s standing there, all curly-headed. “Mama’s moved,” she says, smiling, too.

And then she tells me, this petite girl, and earnest, about her job. She’s working just now in a hospital. The job? It’s big. Way bigger than her. It involves insurance companies and money – millions of dollars they’d like to get back. And she? Well, she’s the one s’posed to make it all happen, to cut through the tape, to change folks’ minds.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” she says to me straight. “Sometimes I just stop. And I walk around for a bit, and I pray.” I wait. “Then He gives me an idea, another way to come at this thing.”

I’m listening to her; feeling the overwhelming-ness of her role. Those bigwigs, they’ll question, and it’s her in that seat. Her job on the line.

Then it comes. “I’m not educated for this.” Her eyes behind her glasses, they’re big. All those curls frame her face, and I’m seeing faith. Seeing God. Seeing the finite moving into the infinite. Seeing the impossible becoming the possible.

“Ah,” the words, they come out. “You may not be educated, but you are empowered.”

And you, friend? Are you, like her, called to a job that’s bigger than you? Sitting in a seat that gets hot, that’s impossible?

Are you, like her, not educated or trained? Well, yes, yea and good! For you’re in just the right place to become the empowered. To become the enabled. To become the anointed, the finite moving into the infinite.

You’re in just the right place to do the impossible. For when the ‘super’ meets the ‘natural,’ it becomes supernatural.  And that, my friend, is the life He will bless.



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