Oh, Balderdash – and pass that pizza

“Oh, Balderdash!”  No, really.  Balderdash! 

This particular game was the source of much hilarity last weekend during a birthday party for the 21-year-old.  If you’ve been following the blog, you know that Mr. Schrock’s brother was here from out of town and if you read the column,  you know that Schrock Baby Boy Number One just turned – well, see above.

These two big events were the reason for the big hoo-ha right here on the reservation last Saturday night.  Thank God for a huge table with 12 leaves that can stretch out for 17 feet.  While we didn’t need all 12, we sure needed a solid 4 in order to accommodate Grandpa, Uncle Joel, Uncle Quinns and the 4 cousins, and our own merry band of 6.  Oh, not to mention the three big, big, very big Bruno’s pizzas, which were entirely new to the extended Schrock tribe.

We sang (happy birthday).  We ate (pizza and salad).  We celebrated (with cake and ice cream).  We laughed (like hyenas) over that goofy game, Balderdash, with two aunties and four cousins.  We cheered (for the good guy, aka Jason Bourne).

Then, after everyone else went home, we stayed up late with The Brother, Our Guest, and watched John Travolta take care of business.

So YES! to families.  YES! to birthday parties.  YES! to funny games and laughing out loud.  YES! to cousins and pizza and messy tables afterwards.

And now, in other Beautiful News, just look at what I found on my side of the bed this morning, compliments of a little boy who “looks like him (daddy)” and is mama’s best companion throughout the day.

Lightning McQueen and all his friends are very busy here at my house.  They drive back and forth on my desk while I type.  They park in straight rows.  Then, a small hand moves amongst them and suddenly they’re bumper to bumper in what appears to be rush-hour traffic. 

They migrate to the dining room table if the family’s downstairs.  They appear everywhere, and I wonder…I would pay a lot of money…to know what he’s thinking as he plays. 

Looking at the cars, I know that one day this boy… FacebookTwitterGoogle+DiggPinterestBlogger

…will grow up, and the cars will drive away forever.  Because he will be big like this boy… FacebookTwitterGoogle+DiggPinterestBlogger

…who used to play with Legos and is now off, trying  his own wings, finding his way.  At “Beffel” College.

So I look diligently for the moments of beauty because they’re fleeting and when you blink, they’re gone.  That’s why writing them down is good.  Why telling them to others helps. 

Life is full of beauty if you just know where to look.

And what is your family’s favorite game?  What makes you laugh like a hyena?

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