Sometimes, fairy tales are true

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At last, the day arrived, and the happy little mother buckled her happy little boy into the magical carriage (okay, it was the Blue Mommy Van), and off they went to the oldest son’s dwelling place on a college campus in another town.  There, escorted by her tall and handsome son, the happy mother and her happy little boy with eyes of blue ate a delicious lunch in the basement of the young prince’s dormitory, Manges Hall.  (For you Bethel residents, you know that it’s The Acorn, and you know that they have killer subs.  Now, back to the story.)

To his mother’s great delight, the handsome prince cheerfully introduced her and his itty, bitty brother with eyes of blue to his friends who joined them for lunch and chattered away, captivated by the tiny prince and his noontime prayer.  His mother marveled at what nice (really nice) friends he had, happy (what else?) that he cared to have her meet them.

The not-at-all-shy little mother chatted, waved, and called out greetings to two of the handsome prince’s roommates and his good friend, the RA of Manges Hall, thrilled to death that she knew these important people in his life by name.  Then, the tall and blue-eyed prince squired the happy mother and the happy little boy with eyes of blue to the coffee shop adjacent to campus where he purchased a mocha for the mother and a hot chocolate for his little brother clad in blue jeans, size 4T.

Afterwards, ‘neath skies of blue and trees of green, across winding sidewalks and past splashing fountains, the handsome prince escorted his mother and the very tiny King of the Campus to the library for a small tour before saying goodbye.  Once more, the happy little mother fought back tears (just a few) as she kissed his cheek and hugged his neck, thankful beyond words that her boy was there and that he was happy.

Sometimes, fairy tales really are true.  I know, because I just lived this one today.

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