“Speak, Lord”

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We first got to know Jeff, Lisa, and the girls when we moved here 6-1/2 years ago. Lisa and I hit it off, both attending Bible Study Fellowship in Goshen and having that common interest. The children played together, jumping together on the trampoline and playing “Scary” in our vast yard. The boys and I introduced them to Jo Jo’s pretzels up in Shipshewana. Finally, they got to be too old and too cool to play with members of the opposite sex, and they could pass each other in the hallway and never acknowledge that they were even on the same planet.

Life eventually took us in different directions. I started working, for one thing, and had less time for coffee, etc. But I know Lisa’s heart for the Lord, for her family, for the lost, and for children. And I know what a hole she leaves. The fact that it is so unexpected and as yet so mysterious is simply confounding. She apparently went to sleep and woke up in the presence of the Lord she loved. She will be celebrating her favorite holiday, Christmas, in a real mansion this year.

One of the boys was wondering why on earth God would do something like this. I said, “Well, God is always trying to tell us something.”

“Like what?” he said.

“I think the first thing is that we need to be ready at all times.”

“And what is the second thing?”

I don’t know right now. And so I say, “Speak, Lord…we’re listening.”

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