Surviving – Day Two

Categorized as The Survival Series

Baby Boy got up twice during the night and early morning, feeling warm and sounding incredibly tight. Ding-ding, into round two!

Jord worried me by working late and not calling me to mention that. He woke me up at 11 or after by calling (finally!), then took forever coming home, then came home proudly displaying some pizza he had brought along, asking if I wanted a midnight snack, then disappeared upstairs to shower, and then came back down again (this has to be after midnight now) and woke me up AGAIN, to be greeted by two barrels of a shotgun, in order to inform me that the computer was off (which it wasn’t, just hibernating) and could I please boot it up as he needs to write an essay for a scholarship application. Oh, and “I’m going to turn the light on and blind you as you sleep so you will get up and look at my new hairdo – what do you think?”

I think I’ll just go live at the Main Street Coffee House, is what I think. They’re lucky if I come home, is what I think.

The Squaw

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