That’ll preach

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Take the other night, for instance. We were sitting on the couch, Mr. Schrock and I, and it was getting late. For whatever reason, the three youngest were still roaming around overhead as though this it was already Christmas break and they were free as the birds.

Only it’s not Christmas break and they’re not yet free as the birds.

So, I started to say what I’ve said to him in the past at bedtime, “I beseech you…This is me, begging.” This is my plea for him to go up, take charge, and settle everyone down in their respective beds because for some unknown reason, it always ‘sticks’ better when he does it. And I simply can’t relax when three towheads are trotting up and down and round about.

This is, instead, what came out: “I beseech you therefore, brother, by the mercies of God, that you present your body a living sacrifice and put those guys to bed!!”

It was so impromptu and unscripted that we both just started laughing. Then he said something like, “I didn’t know what all was going to come out.”

Me, either. But seeing how it’s Scripture (albeit a paraphrased version), I believe that’ll preach just fine.

P.S. – For the record, he did take matters in hand and deep-sixed the three hooligans.

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