The clothes that you need (check your shoes)

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I’m running along in morning’s sun. After days of gray and clouds and chill, the sun is a welcome presence. Here and there, snow ribbons streak across fallow ground. Glancing up, I see that the barn just over the soybean field’s shining golden in the clear, bright light. And I’m getting dressed for the day…

The cold, crisp air, it fills my lungs, and I’ve just been talking to my Dad. It’s time, now, as I’m heading for home to put on the suit that I’m needing. So I begin at the top.

“Jesus,” I say, for I know just Who won it, “I receive with such gratitude the helmet of salvation.” In my mind’s eye, a gleaming, bright helmet settles over my head. “It will protect my mind and my brain, and I did not have to craft this. You won this for me on the cross. I receive it.”

Slap, slap, slap. My shoes, they cover the ground. I continue. “And Jesus, I receive with so much gratitude the breastplate of righteousness.” My heart lifts, for I know it’s not mine. It is His.

This truth is an anchor, and it brings such relief to a girl who once struggled and strove. Tried to earn it. But now, I full-know that it’s not up to me, but Friend Jesus, it’s HIS that I’m taking. His breastplate.

“Jesus.” In my heart, He’s become my big Brother, but the One who sticks closer than that. He’s my Friend. “Would you buckle it up for me?” On my back, I can near-feel His hands. He is smiling, and He is free-giving. I’m receiving.

I’m smiling, too, and reaching for the next piece. “I take up the belt of Your truth.” I feel exultant, for the belt will encircle on all sides. Encircled in truth! 

“Now, Lord,” I say. Slap, slap, slap. “I take up the shield of faith. You’ve promised that it will quench all the fiery darts of the devil.” Oh, that’s a truth satan doesn’t want known; won’t let out.

“I long for instruction.” Here, I turn to the Spirit. “I want to know just how to use it.” Quenching darts.

“Next, I take up the sword of the Spirit.” And in my mind, I can see sharpened blade; that, for fighting. “I know that the sword is Your Word. Help me use it.” This blade’s for defense…and for offense. Blade’s for gutting.

I’m not meant to cower, to run off in fear. I’m meant to stand firm and to fight. To do big damage! Yes, I’ll need that sword.

“And last, Jesus, I take up the shoes of the gospel of peace. I will walk in Your peace as I go.”

My shoes, now, are nearing home. But I have yet one more request: “Will You tie them?”

And just as Little’s big brothers bent to help him, Jesus, my Brother, “ties” mine.

Walk in peace, friend.

Warmly written by The Girl with the Cheetah Shoes,


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