The way through

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My way.

I paused over number three, that particular thorn in my flesh that’s persisted now for months.  “Commit thy way…”  The answer, I knew, was coming.  I’d committed it to Him for sure.  “The way through,” came the whisper.  “Commit that, too.”

Turning to the fat, maroon concordance once I was home, I dug in, searching the Hebrew for clues.  “Derek (way),” it said.  “a course of life or mode of action; journey; passenger; through.”  My way out.  My way through.

“Trust,” the Psalmist had said, “and He shall bring it to pass.  He shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light.”

In the journey, in the course of life in which He’d set my feet, He would do it as I rested in Him, waited patiently on Him, and committed the way – all of it – to Him.  And He would make my righteousness shine!

His “divine efficiency and divine power” were working on my behalf.  I’d read that, too, this very morning in God Calling, the small devotional book that I love.

“The steps of a good man (and a good woman) are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way.”

Ordered steps.  A heart at rest.  Righteousness that shines.  My Father’s delight.

Today, I open my hands and commit my way – the end result and the journey there – to a God who delights to order the steps of His children and who can bring all things to pass.

I’m so thankful for:
– the taste of spring in fresh berries (strawberry pretzel dessert)
– a husband who will get out of bed before daylight to move a big tree branch so I can go write
– a hilarious April Fool’s joke played by Uncle T on Boy Three
– the unexpected joy of having College Kid and his girlfriend home for Sunday lunch
– fried chicken and mashed potatoes with pan gravy (see above) and my family’s hearty appetites
– an email from my childhood best friend, assuring me of their prayers this week
– and many more!

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