“There is one Holy Spirit, and you’re not Him”

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Though it happened years ago, I remember it still. There in that century home with its high, towering ceilings and wooden stairs that creaked, it had been Armageddon. A knock-down, drag-out that ended with The Mister outside the house, choppin’ wood for all the world like Paul Bunyan. And with Babe (that’s me, not the ox), cryin’ inside the house.

Man, but that was a row, and if you’re honest with me, you’ve had ’em, too. (Here’s where you may say, “Amen.”)

Anyway. So there I was, furious, full-to-runnin’-over with feelings. A regular tsunami, and not in Japan, but on my couch. While mostly, underneath it all, was sheer–terror.

It was then that I heard His voice, not in my ears, but in my heart where it counts, and this is what He said, “There is one Holy Spirit, and you’re not Him.”

Boom! And He was right.

Now, all these years later, that situation has been long resolved. While I won’t tell you the details here, what I do want you to know is that God was exactly right, and He was faithful. Those two things I want you to hear.

What happened is that over time, the loving Father of us both, brought us together on the whole, thorny topic, and things turned out better than I could have dreamt. Because of the Holy Spirit’s work. And, yes, my husband’s leadership.

Hon, you were right. (Hey, I said it!)

Today, there’s one of you-all that needs to hear this truth, that “there’s only one Holy Spirit, and you’re not Him.” When you and I, any of us, set to controlling every-thing and every-one around us, it drives every-body clear mad. Including our-selves. The truth of it is that it’s generally fear, anxiety, panic that are drivin’ that control. And honey, that’s a path you don’t want to be on.

So. The takeaway of the whole kablooie is that you can stop controlling now. It’s okay to relax. You can quit drivin’ your-self nuts and makin’ the folks around you crazy. Just stop (yes,you can) and let God be God. Let the Holy Spirit do His thing. It’s time to stop tyin’ His hands.

Yes. It is, and yes. You can.



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