Three truth words when life gets hard

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I’m drinking it in, this wild beauty. For a soul in the heat of battle, it’s beauty that heals. That calms. Restores. Renews. Creation’s shouting praise, and the trees afire lift arms to the heavens to trumpet, “He, Creator God, is in control!” And all is well.

“All is well.” Like soothing balm, three small truth words glide over choppy waters, troubled thoughts. He’d given me these, Father had, at the start of a New Year. In the churning of the waves, they’d been lost to sight. And He’d spoken them this very week through the mouth of a friend.

It was April, the beautiful stranger I’d met one clear August day in the coffee shop. God had come for me with a message in a most unusual and miraculous way.

It was a divine appointment on an ordinary day. Holy ground in an ordinary place. She, who couldn’t possibly know, had simply spoken the words that God, Who did know, had put in her mouth. And the message was extraordinary.

“I’m so excited,” she’d said, countenance aglow, “to hear what happens. Here’s my number. You call.”

In the weeks intervening, I’d called her. More than once. For knowing in advance what I’d need, my loving Father had gone before. Had hand-picked her, a former atheist who’d found Him in a desert called Despair to be a spiritual mother for me, a Jesus-loving girl walking in a desert called Travail.  He’d crossed our paths, had brought us together, and it was good.

Once more, however, discouragement had come. Fear like a flood, lapping cruel at my boat. Anxiety, stealing joy. What-if’s wreaking havoc. Me, flowing tears. Her, speaking truth.

“Here’s what God wants you to know,” she said the other day. “Do not fear, for I am with You. Do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Then this, “All. Is. Well.”

All is well. In a season of warfare, of strongholds coming down. In a time of desperation, of pressing hard into Him, this is the rock beneath my feet:  God is with me. I will not be dismayed. He it is who strengthens me. Who helps me. Who upholds me in His righteous right hand.

And all is well. As I await the final victory, all is well. As I wait for answers to my prayers, all is well. While I sit, waiting for the breakthrough that I know is coming, all is well.

When God’s your God, all truly is well.

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