To satan, “Your butt just got whipped”

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Plain and simple.

To my great delight, it pleased Him. Far from meting out condemnation or reproof, it seemed to me that He smiled. And stepped into my lab. Then came the War Room.

In an impossibly small house, it was quite a feat, carving out a bit of space. But somehow, with the Mister’s help, we had done it. In an old, unfinished closet where the flotsam and jetsam of family life had once been crammed, there appeared just the tiniest bit of space, enough for a rug, a pillow and a three-legged stool; for the basket, the backpack and the Friend.

Then something began to happen. Someone Else started visiting my War Room. The first sign of his presence was the verse that went up one day, written in a childish hand.


Then more verses from Psalm 91, a chapter I knew he’d been learning.


Next, a green Bible appeared with a devotional book. “Keys for Kids” it said on the cover. And after that, another star joined mine, eagerly plastered onto the Galaxy of Attributes where the character of God shines bright. Ah, yes.


Stepping in last night, I saw that yet one more note had gone up, a message to the enemy himself. And it read like this:


And Mother translates, “Your butt just got whipped (not wiped; I clarified this word with the author, LOL), satan, and don’t you forget it.”

In Little’s own words, he’s declared it, the truth by which we can live. That satan is a foe all defeated. That Jesus the Christ, He has won. That as long as we’re here, it’s a battle, and we’re fighting with courage and hope. ‘Cause He’s won!

Today, I’m thinking on living. And dying and war and Who’s won. If we slouch through our lives all defeated, we’re plumb spittin’ on what He has done. Yes, we are.

“Greater (God said it!) is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” Little’s right. The devil’s been whooped and been beaten, and it’s time that we set that thing straight.

Jesus won. Satan lost. Sin’s defeated.

Live that way. Talk that way. Think that way. Walk that way.

“Lord, teach us to pray!” Luke 11:1


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