Trump or Clinton, family or stranger, we’re all (every one) needin’ Him

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It came to me, as many things do, in clear morning’s sun on the road. What a delight, after a lifetime of labor ‘neath a stern, forbidding, relentless taskmaster (for such was my understanding of God) to find that, rather, in His Fatherhood was all the love and delight and security and consolation and acceptance and tenderness that my girlish heart ever had craved.

What a Father. What a life! What a Love.

After about two miles of sweet communion and frank conversation, I brought a question to Him. “What,” I said, shoes brisk on the pavement, “am I supposed to think about ___? How should I be looking at this?” And here, I named it.

It is a sad and difficult truth that in a fallen world, there are no perfect families. For families are compromised of people, and they all of clay. With desires and needs. With expectations. When those were unmet; ah, well, therein, as is said, lies the rub. “What to think? How to see? What to know?”

Like that, came the Voice. For just as surely as one can know the voice and the heart of a father in flesh, so, I have learned, I can know His. And He spoke. “You have all been disappointed. You have all been hurt. You all, every one, have need of Me.”

All disappointed. All have been hurt. All, each one, needing Him. Shoes tapping, arms swinging, heart listening.

“Everyone has need of Me.”

In His loving way, Papa’s Spirit spent time with me this morning, “enlightening the eyes of my heart,” and it helped me to see what He saw. For while there are times and seasons where Wisdom dictates boundaries and distance, it is possible, even there, to see rightly. To love.

Knowing–remembering–that even the prickliest pear, the one with the hardest shell, the 30-grit SP (Sandpaper Person) is needin’ Him…that helps me. Knowing (and remembering) that I’m needin’ Him, too; that is helpful as well.

Whether it’s a painful family situation or a tumultuous election season, it is possible to walk in peace. Walk in love.

The love that we’re called to isn’t all warm and fluffy. It isn’t agreement with all folks at all times. That’s not love.

His love, true Love, doesn’t even mean “liking,” for you can’t always like those you’re with. That’s not possible. But for me on this day, there’s a shift in my heart as my eyes start to see what He’s seein’. So much need. Need of Him.

Blood relatives or strangers. Black, white, or brown. Male, female, young, or old. Trump or Clinton, our great leveler, the equalizer is the heart’s desperate need for a Saviour, a Father, a King. For that Love.

When I am aware of my need, I am able at that point to choose to depend on my Father to meet it. Then, filled with His care and His love for me, I am free.

When I am aware of others’ needs, it tenderizes me, and I am able to offer whatever He gives me. To be hands and feet, love like Him.

My hope is in Him, and my great expectation, and my heart keeps rhythm with His. Bless the Lord!

For Him, for His kingdom and His church,


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