What a trip like that can do

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You may have seen him in Friday’s post (if not, skip down below).  If you know him at all (or if you read the post), you’ll know that he came wired with a burden for the lost, a passion to tell them about Christ, and the courage to do so.  Frequently.

Last summer, he had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic with an IMPACT team from our church.  It was life changing for him, and when he got back, he wrote the following letter to those who had supported him with their prayers and hard-earned dollars.

I thought about it again when he received a lovely postcard from a far-away auntie just last week, thanking him for his letter and rejoicing with him over the chance he’d had to go.  If you enjoyed the essay he wrote in English class this fall, you will like this letter, I think.  Since it’s rather long, it will be a two-part series.  Here he is, in his own words:

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