What kind of kids is that man raising?

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Later, I told the boys, “This really went together fast. It would have been even faster if I wouldn’t have had to skin a neighbor.” To which Jamison replied, “If you would’ve only limited it to one!” Then, speculating that it may have been our next-door neighbor with the long lane, he said, “Kieran, put your hat over your heart. There won’t be as much traffic going in and out there anymore.”
I had absolutely nothing to do with this.

On another note, Lord spare me from doctors who think that M.D. really means G.O.D.! I think my cardiologist is losing it. It would be very easy to sit down and make a list of 10 very creative things he could do with that stethoscope. Man.

Also, it’s on the schedule now – I will officially become a raving lunatic the week of Valentine’s. Grant is going to Indy from Sunday night to Friday night to cram for a Series 7 class, leaving me defenseless and all alone with the hoodlums. God, give me strength. If I’m sitting in a corner repeating my name for three weeks after, you’ll know why.

Gotta trot. The cardiac boys won’t shut up today.


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