What the heart can know

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Someone asked me, and rightly so, “Did the your local doctor actually hear anything?  Was she wrong?”

No, I don’t think so.  I absolutely believe that she heard a loud murmur.  Which leaves two possibilities.  One, that it was as the specialist suggested, that the low-grade fever he had at the time, along with any stress or anxiety he was feeling, threw his heart into a high cardiac output, accentuating the soft murmur that was there.  (This was still audible to the cardiologist.)  Or, two, that the Heavenly Father simply breathed the eternal breath of healing into his heart, and it was made whole and strong.  Perhaps I shall ask Him someday.

In processing it all in the aftermath, in combing through the thoughts and feelings and impressions of my own heart, there are a few things I know for sure:
1.  That every time of trial, every period of uncertainty is another opportunity to go deeper, to sink our roots down into the bedrock, the cornerstone – Jesus Christ.
2.  That the Word of God is true, and His promises are sure.
3.  That He never leaves or forsakes His kids.
4.  That He is attendant to the smallest detail and goes ahead, making arrangements and opening doors before we’re even aware of our own need.  The One Who numbers our very hairs knows all.
5.  That the darker the night, the brighter shines the Light.
6.  That the more painful the trial, the more precious His voice and presence become.
7.  That the comfort He gives us is meant, at some point, to be poured out to others who, too, need consolation.
8.  That sometimes He says ‘yes’ and spares us great travail (enemy’s lies on this subject notwithstanding).
9.  That we need each other – desperately.
10.  That a constant heart murmur is just what I need (a blessed consolation alone).

The faithfulness of God, His divine loving care, the presence of the living Spirit within…these are a few things this heart knows.  I pray, dear friend, that yours does, too?

Sharing my thanks on Multitude Monday, I see His hand in these:
– healthy hearts and hearts that listen; seeing (healthy!) boys jumping on the trampoline, laughing
– the smell (and taste) of the season’s first grilling; muffled laughter from the kitchen during Sunday naps (it’s those boys, tearing around again)
– words of affirmation from friends and strangers alike, music to this writer’s heart
– new crop jeans, cute as all get out, that just say ‘spring’ to me!
– coffee with a girl I love, sharing our hearts over mocha; laughing with my husband who is very funny in his own right
– chips and salsa from my faaaaavorite Mexican place; words of love and affirmation from two aunties
– celebratory texts and messages from friends and family alike, sharing our joy
– hearing from you what’s on your heart

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