What to do when you meet a “Jen Hatmaker”

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And instantly, I felt small. Silly. Invisible. Inferior. And discouraged (to name just a few).

Unable to not look, I checked out her posts. I followed her links, visited her blog. And left, feeling all of that yucky I mentioned above.

She’s brilliant, hysterical. Insightful and wise. She’s big (really big), going places. And I’m not. Or, that’s how I felt.

And so I did what I knew to do–went to Him.

“You shall know the truth.” That’s what Jesus said. “And the truth shall set you free.” Yes! Oh, yes. Give me some of that truth, dear Lord, for it’s freedom I need in this place.

I laid it out, and He sorted it through. Holy Spirit, He came and He counseled. While this is a very difficult issue (big enough, likely, for a series), here are a few simple truths that are helping.

1.  “I don’t measure like you measure.” Aha. That’s the truth. While we’re looking at numbers, comparing followers and stuff, He’s looking, Christ is, at the heart. It matters to Him far more than the numbers, so I’ll let him deep-clean down in mine.

2.  “All those things that you’re feeling? They are lies. It’s not true. You go by what I say You are.” Oh, yes. He’s called me Beloved, Adopted and Chosen. He says I’m a victor, and He sings.Over me.

3.  “My plan for all of My children is different, that’s all. Not better or worse, only different.” This comparison stuff is horrid; it’s skewed. It causes us not to see rightly. God’s plans, glorious plans are always just right. Always good, for He knows what He’s doing. It’s about Him, not me. Or you. Or even Jen.

4.  “You’re a team, that’s what, and there’s a spot for each one. This won’t work if My kids are all envying. Play together!” Good Pete. That’s the truth! And I see it; I can see where the enemy’s going. If we’re all busy fighting, comparing and fretting, it’s His work (and the lost) that will suffer. Go team!

5.  “You’re not her. No, you’re not. But know this–she’s not you. And My plan for you, well, it’s glorious. The best way to kick this is to accept who you are and pray blessing over her and her family.” 

And so I did. And I do, and, God help me, I will.

“Lord, You bless that Jen Hatmaker and her work real good. Thank You for giving her that spot. I bless what You’re doing through her and her words, for she’s taking Your love to the nation. You’re awesome!”

May I just tell you today that there’s a place for you, too? That God’s got a plan, and it’s glorious? However it looks, wherever it is, He wants, first, your love and your trusting. Let Him use you in the place that He’s chosen for you, to love on the people He’s given. Say yes.


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