What you need to know when you’re weary

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Driving along in morning’s sun, the snow’s melting diamond droplets from eaves and branches. And those words, they come for the faint.

“Don’t be weary of doing good.” 

Turning left, now, into our small, quiet village, I meditate. It’s the regular spiritual disciplines that keep us on track. In days of monotony; in seasons of ‘same,’ it’s one step at a time. “Do this, and then do it again.” Praying, listening. Chewing on Life Bread. Thinking on Him and abiding like this.

Between mountaintops, one day at a time.

It’s the “in between” that can get us. For between those mountaintops lie the valleys and plains. The valleys, dipping low, and long, stretches of Plain. Of Same. Of nothing much changing. Nothing much happening. There’s flat, and there’s boring and…same.

Or so, to the eye, it would seem.

And we, steady marchers, keep walking. One foot, then the next. One day, then the next, doing what we know to be good.In the plain…

Then His voice.“Don’t get weary, dear soul, in doing what’s good. For the harvest will come, and you’ll reap. There’ll be harvest for you, for you have My word, if you keep doing (what’s) good and don’t faint.”

God, who cannot lie, has promised us this, and so we can know it is true. Father is watching, He sees us obey, and He knows we are weary and worn. But if we will keep going andkeep doing good, we will reap great-big from what’s sown.

So you, weary man. And you, weary girl. Keep on praying. Keep listening. Keep feasting on Life Bread. Keep on doing good where you can. For one day (maybe soon?) shall come harvest.

With love,


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