What’s that I hear?

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The word for today is “hear.”  Because I was feeling quiet on Multitude Monday, we’re going to go with Thundering Thursday and just mix things up.  From the Thousand Gifts journal, here are some things I’m thankful I can hear:

400.  The big boys (i.e., older nephews) laughing at adult banter at the recent family birthday party, hearing for themselves the family stories.
401.  A hilarious one-liner from Mr. Middle School (where does he get that dry sense of humor?).
402.  A very rare and delightful coffee morning with girlfriends; there’s plenty to hear, for sure, with coffee all around.
403.  Hearing (and hearing and hearing) Shakespearean prose in Northwood’s production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream; must confess my ears went numb and I had to rely heavily on one of my other senses (vision) to figure out what was happening.
404.  Hearing words of wisdom from my husband, one of the wisest men I know.
405.  An inspiring phone conversation with my friend and fellow writer, Jeanette, who poured encouragement into me.
406.  Asking questions and getting educated about fashion, accessories, and what goes with what in a clothing store.  For a girl who feels woefully out of touch and is in need of a wardrobe update (she needs to get with it for once), this was a treat.
408.  Hearing Mr. 4T sing Gold City’s “I’m Not Givin’ Up.”  Over.  And over.  And over.  Clearly, he’s figured out how to reverse.
413.  Confirmation that I hear His voice, a question that’s caused me much distress over the years.  He really does speak in a still, small voice; so still that I don’t always identify it as His.  This would probably make a great post later.
414.  “Oh.  My.  Word.  It’s like violins in a horror movie!”  This from the high school junior in the BMV on the way to school this morning.  A girl at school is trampling his last nerve.
415.  Sounds of chasing and a great struggle coming from down below, followed by a thundered, “Stop talking and DANCE!!”  I don’t even want to know.  (An FB reader noted later that it would actually make a pretty good life philosophy.  Ha, ha, and HA!)
416.  An order for a doughnut with sprinkles and brown frosting from Elmo’s biggest fan.
417.  Something I’m thankful I DIDN’T hear – the barista asking me for my order.  She just assumed I wanted my standard size when I had actually decided to upgrade and go for broke, girding my loins for a hectic day.  I got the upgrade for free.  YES!
418.  Hearing a brand-new kindred spirit’s heart.  Picking her brain for her perspective on the publishing world now that she’s published a book.  Freeing!  Encouraging!!
420.  Uproarious laughter.  Over a machine that – umm, makes unsavory noises.  That you stick under someone’s chair.  Sigh.  If you’ve forgotten who I live with, see opening paragraph.

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